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Since 2009, I’ve been the principal judge at the Writers’ Village International Short Fiction Award, one of the world’s biggest short story contests. (You'll find 13,300 references to it at Google.) I've personally critiqued over 6000 stories. I've coached more than 2000 debut writers to publishing success. Above all, my novels have gained more than 100 top-star reviews at Amazon.

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Your first four weeks cost nothing. After that, the subscription is just £15 ($22) per month. And you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.
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"Story PenPal offers tons of necessary/useful information on the writing process, techniques, style, etc. and ample opportunity to share what you know and learn what you need. Nearly all styles, genres or forms of writing are welcome. It's a safe haven to get reliable feedback on your work from initial idea, to first draft, to final story. No attitude, no nonsense, just great resources and a supportive, creative, environment." Joey Wessier, North Carolina, USA.

"Without the critical feedback, technical assistance, helpful comments and friendly advice, I would never have started writing my first novel. The difference between my earlier attempts and my current project are light years apart in quality due to Story PenPal. A big thank you to John and the forum members." Phil Howlette, New South Wales, Australia.

"This site is a treasure trove of inspiration, motivation, advice and guidance from fellow members. It has improved my work ten-fold." Margaret Gumble, Herts, England.

"Writing is much more fun when you have people read it and not only read it plainly but with a third eye and offer valuable advice on how best to improve the story! I have found some of the most honest writers at Story Penpal. The sharing of stories, the tips and the competition are just what every writer needs. Story PenPal is my writing family now!" Henry Joe Sakala, Lusaka, Zambia.

Enroll now and you’ll be enjoying your first idea-packed email in moments, packed with ideas you can use at once.

Your first four weeks cost nothing. After that, the subscription is just £15 ($22) per month. And you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.
Note: If PayPal invites you to ‘Go to John Yeoman’ or similar, click on that tab to enroll.